Julie Von Canon

Julie Von Canon

BS, Elementary Education, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
MEd, Elementary Education/Multi-Disciplinary Learning, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

Julie is a practiced, qualified teacher who had accumulated an impressive record of experience prior to aligning her skills with St. Peter’s. She taught various subjects and worked with students in all grades as a teacher at Scenic Land School. She also worked extensively in the Hamilton County school system, specifically with HeadStart, Barger Elementary School, East Brainerd Elementary School, and McBrien Elementary School.  While working at McBrien Elementary, Julie was a reading interventionist. 

“Teaching young minds is an important job. First grade students are special because they glow with excitement, wonder, and joy. As a teacher, I strongly believe that all children are capable of learning, especially if they receive the proper motivation and direction. First grade is the year when students need intimate, caring attention.”

Julie and her husband, Kelly, have two sons, George and Johnny. Johnny is a current St. Peter's student.

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