Pam Gallagher

Pam Gallagher

BA, Early Childhood Education, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

At the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year and after nineteen years of teaching at St. Peter’s, Pam gave notice that she would retire from education in May 2014. An esteemed and respected teacher, Pam was a model educator whose absence would be greatly missed. To celebrate her tenure, St. Peter’s honored Pam and her stellar career in May and, by July, had contacted her about returning to establish the school’s first academic support program. 

In August 2014, Pam concluded her career as a classroom teacher and began a new chapter as St. Peter’s director of academic support. Enlightened by an understanding of the school’s Core Knowledge Sequence curriculum, Pam has a perspective that significantly benefits the students with whom she works. 

“I believe that each student is a unique learner and that each student is uniquely gifted. My role is to assure students through patient support. I want to build their confidence so that they can envision their success and advance beyond the academic barrier they are facing.” 

Pam is a learner and has trained with the Southeast Center for Education in the Arts (SCEA) and participated in continuing education workshops at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga. Pam and her husband, Jim, are parents of five children and four grandchildren.

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