Randi Schlosser

Randi Schlosser

Fourth Grade Teacher, Curriculum Coordinator

BS, Elementary Education, Cum Laude, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

Randi has spent the majority of her teaching career at St. Peter’s. As an educator who is decidedly passionate about reading, Randi is the fourth grade literacy teacher whose relentless and enthusiastic approach inspires students. “My goal as a literacy teacher is to help my students develop a love for the written word that encourages them to become lifelong readers and writers. I remind them that learning might be a challenge at times, but the challenge is also the time when a door opens to new and exciting adventures. I want them to dig deep and grow.”

Randi has extensive experience and training in literacy education. She has attended two summer workshops at Columbia University for specific training in the Lucy Calkins reading and writing curriculum as well as trained with educators in the Guided Reading program. She has also received training in the Core Knowledge Sequence curriculum and was a co-coordinator for St. Peter’s, overseeing the previous two accreditations conducted by the Southern Association of Independent Schools.

Randi has a master gardener certification and received grants to establish St. Peter’s organic garden. She is currently working on her Native Plant of Tennessee certification. A bounty of energy and always active, Randi also enjoys reading, yoga, hiking, biking, and journaling. She enjoys spending time with her husband, David, and their son, Scout, who is a current St. Peter’s student.

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