Shelly Curvin

Shelly Curvin

BA, Elementary Education, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
MA, Curriculum and Instruction, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Shelly is a consummate educator whose style ensures second grade will be memorable, engaging, and fun. A veteran educator, Shelly has enjoyed a long educational career, receiving honors and recognitions for her exceptional performance. Her previous experience includes working for seventeen years in public education, specifically teaching at Soddy Elementary School and Normal Park Museum Magnet School. She has taught kindergarten and second grade students and has been a science teacher who taught exclusively in a school laboratory setting. 

Shelly is fascinated by the abilities of her students. She strives to create excitement about everything her students are learning. She and the other second grade teacher, Mrs. Stinnett, enjoy collaborating and preparing lessons that are meaningful and fun for their students. Shelly shares, "I want second grade to be an extraordinary year of growth for all of our students.”

Shelly and her husband, Wade, have two daughters, Darby and Clara. Clara is currently a St. Peter’s student.

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