Jennifer von Klar
Jennifer von Klar

Jennifer von Klar

BA, History, University of Connecticut
MA, Elementary Education, University of Connecticut

Professional Certifications: PreK through 4th and 5th-8

After earning a master’s degree in education, Jennifer taught fourth and fifth grade in Connecticut, Maryland, and South Carolina before moving to Chattanooga with her family in 2011.

The decision to become a teacher is one Jennifer recalls with clarity. "I was a biology major in college, with plans of a career in medicine, but, one day, I ran into a friend who was inexplicably dressed from head to toe in green. She looked hilarious!  She explained that it was “green day” at the school where she was doing her student-teaching experience.  Hearing her talk about the activities she had created for her kindergarteners, all centered around the letter “G,” reminded me of all the things I had loved about elementary school. That was it. I just knew in that moment that I wanted to be a teacher.” Fittingly, Jennifer has accumulated a huge collection of costumes over the years, and she is not afraid to wear them to school.   

To add to the enrichment opportunities St. Peter’s offers students, Jennifer founded the St. Peter’ Post Office, the Spirit Club, the St. Peter’s General Store and the Science Olympiad Team.  Jennifer has served as the editor of the school's yearbook for the past five years, and is also the proud creator--and occasional wearer-- of our "Striker, the St. Peter's StormCloud" mascot costume."  

Jennifer enjoys reading, history, (and reading history!)  musical theater, and making interesting things out of giant sheets of cardboard.  She has three children (all of whom are taller than their mother and barely qualify as children anymore) two of whom graduated from St. Peter’s.

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