House System
House System

House System

Houses of St. Peters Episcopal School- Implemented 2017-2018 school year.

St. Peter's School prides its sense of community and family through its "House System". Designed to serve as an extension of the school's mission and vision, the House System is made up of four houses-Faithfulness (Red), Philanthropy (Yellow), Wisdom (Blue) and Wonder (Green).

The Houses ultimately bring together students, faculty and staff, creating a supportive environment where all students are welcomed and valued. Participants can demonstrate loyalty and allegiance, no matter the age or grade level, while contributing to the success of their House. Students, faculty and staff are also provided with an increased feeling of identity, belonging and where a sense of tradition and leadership abound.

At the beginning of each school year, students as well as new faculty/staff members participate in a special House Sorting Ceremony where participants find out which house they will belong to for the duration of their educational experience at St. Peter's School.

During the year, students have opportunities to earn points for their houses. These points can be earned by displaying quality character traits or through simple acts of kindness. House competitions and specific academic goals may also contribute to points for a house.

At the conclusion of the school year, House Games stir great excitement and involvement, promoting positive self-esteem, integrity and peer support. Constant and consistent encouragement amongst house mates, regardless of one's level of academic, athletic, and/or artistic abilities, ultimately drives positive relationships which in turn support our Episcopal identity.

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