PE and Wellness
PE and Wellness

PE & Wellness

Athletics and physical education provide a range of dramatic advantages to students. In addition to the self-evident benefits to a child’s, dexterity, coordination, and stamina, spirited physical activity increases blood flow to the brain, increases overall neural activity, and boosts knowledge retention.

St. Peter’s approach to physical education barely resembles the lap running and group aerobics of years past. Our PE classes, offered three times each week for all students, engage our students natural curiosity by helping them explore a broad cultural spectrum of athletic pursuits, including:

  • Individual, team, and Olympic sports through Storm Athletics;
  • fitness activities like yoga, hiking, and obstacle courses;
  • and cross-cultural athletic explorations like cricket, petanque, and tai-ji!

Beyond the seasonal schedules of our traditional sports teams, physical activities at St. Peter’s are never prescribed. We tailor our PE curriculum to each class, always with a focus on cultivating a lifelong love for athletics, teamwork, and healthy competition.

St.Peter's also celebrates the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace! This day recognizes sport as a powerful tool for building friendships, and making the world a better place. Last year, students learnt the "haka", studied Rudyard Kipling poems, made giant Muhammad Alis, studied inclusive sports like blind soccer, and created "white cards" with a sport for peace pledge they would recite before every P.E session.

Last year the children created a video which focused on the various goals of the United Nations. Fourth grade also made beautiful sport and peace soccer balls which will be filled with the wishes (written on white cards) of other students, and hung in the shape of a peace sign. Fourth grade also donated a One World Play Project futbol to improverished communities - the ball is designed to endure being played on rubble and stones for years and years, making it the ideal gift for those less fortunate.

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