Storm Athletics
Storm Athletics

Storm Athletics

Storm Athletics is the uniquely holistic athletics program offered at St. Peter's School, of which every child is a member. Through physical education and wellness classes, enrichment programs, school teams and special taster sessions, every child has the opportunity to learn a wonderful range of sports to help them develop as an athlete, and as an individual.

Enjoyment of sport at a young age leads to a life-long love of physical activity. Thus, building the confidence of our young athletes, and making sure sport is fun, is our number one priority!

Our team of coaches develop in our athletes a strong sense of sportsmanship; which in turn helps to nurture a warm, safe environment for children to begin their journey as life-long athletes. We teach every student the importance of being a good sport; and how being a good person and being a good athlete are intertwined.

Storm Athletics also aims to expand the horizons of St.Peter's students by offering a curriculum rich with international sports and culture. Our students learn about the role of sport in society, and study the history of sport, including topics such as the Christmas Truce of 1914, the Olympics, and the medieval origins of soccer. The 54 international flags which line our 200 meter track help to enhance the program's multicultural feel.

Students learn about influential figures such as Muhammad Ali and celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, to raise in them an awareness of the deeper value of sport. They study sports poetry, disability sport, and how sport can help us in our daily lives, and even in the classroom!

We also offer mindfulness lessons to students, including a brand new Mindfulness Sports Performance Enhancement Program. One child said after a mindfulness class: "It feels like I'm floating in a cloud!" and many others have spoken of the relaxation and sense of peace it has brought to them.

Health campaigns such as Jump Rope for Heart and inter-school competitions through the Independent Schools Conference provide yet more athletic opportunities for our students.

In addition, our program also includes the following activities: Soccer Basketball Cross Country Track and Field Parkour Cricket Girls on the Run Tai-Chi Mindfulness Lacrosse Quidditch Goal Setting Fitness Training And much, much more!

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