At St. Peter’s, kindergarten is a year punctuated by celebration, celebration, celebration. Guided by generous, passionate educators, students begin their scholastic journey in an environment dedicated to developing the writing, reading, and math skills that are essential to becoming effective, confident learners. The kindergarten design is resource rich: each classroom has two teachers. This model not only allows faculty to promptly address a student’s educational needs but also respond to a child’s particular interests.

Kindergarten introduces routine, structure, and reasonable expectations. The classroom tone nurtures a sense of confidence enabling students to begin to take academic and social risks. Group activities and academic endeavors, which are integrated throughout all aspects of the curriculum, allow children to develop and demonstrate growing problem-solving and creative-thinking skills.There are two enrollment options for Kindergarten: the Classic program or Spanish Immersion.

Foreign language immersion is an educational methodology that involves teaching traditional, conventional academic subjects such as math, science, social studies, and language arts, in a non-native language. This system uses the rich palette and nuanced expressions of language to embellish and extend the dimension of the learning environment and to ensure students attain fluency in a second language. At St. Peter’s, Spanish is the conduit through which students are academically advancing. St. Peter’s offers a Spanish immersion option to Preschool-3 up to third grade students. Teachers instruct and interact with students speaking only Spanish in the classroom.

“Kindergarten at St. Peter’s is magical. Each classroom has a lead teacher and an assistant, and the class size does not exceed 16 students. The school’s pledge to ensure each student’s success is evident, and our son, Graham, is academically, emotionally and socially growing. Kindergarten is where Graham is becoming a good, strong student and the best part about this experience is that he is genuinely happy.”

Wendy and David McDowell

“As a new family to St. Peter’s Episcopal School, we appreciate the way the teachers, staff, and other families have embraced us. Kindergarten is an important year in which our daughter will continue to develop the primary skills that form the foundation for reading, math, and social interaction. We are pleased that the kindergarten program at St. Peter’s will focus on these critical skills that she must have to progress through the elementary years. We are also excited about the various enrichment programs that will help her to discover and explore her own unique gifts and talents.”

April and Alton Crenshaw

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