Junior Kindergarten
Junior Kindergarten

Junior Kindergarten

Our Junior Kindergarten program combines the best of innovative educational programming like organic gardening and trained leadership from our staff of certified teachers. The flexible schedule allows parents and caregivers to give their children the benefits of a classroom setting in an elementary school while nurturing their need to just be kids. St. Peter's Junior Kindergarteners become confident and adaptable kindergartners in a setting they are already familiar with and with a faculty that knows their name and interests

The quality of St. Peter’s Junior Kindergarten program is unparalleled. Framed to significantly boost a child’s independence, competence, and resilience, the program design has two enrollment options: the Classic Program or Spanish Immersion. There are also 3 days (M/W/F) or 5 days (M-F), and full or half-day options.

"I appreciate that my son has plenty of time to independently explore and play in his classroom and outside at recess. Yet, he also has structured learning in segments to prepare him for Kindergarten. He loves his teachers and is excited to talk about the topics that they have worked on like weather patterns and growing plants."

Melanie Chakwin

“The benefits of learning a foreign language during preschool have been clearly proven; so we feel very fortunate that St. Peter’s implemented Spanish immersion into its preschool program. Our daughter, Brylee Kate, started in the Preschool-3 program and is now a student in Junior Kindergarten. Whenever I listen to her describe the solar system to me in Spanish, I know that her future has endless possibilities.”

Brandy Biederman

“We were thrilled to learn that St. Peter’s was offering Spanish Immersion because we believe teaching our children a second language is an incredible gift. It’s easier to learn foreign language skills while you're young, and discovering that those language skills lead to greater confidence, creativity and critical thinking made us even bigger believers in the program."

Cynthia and Paul Fagan

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